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Q: Where is the school held?

A: In Sunnyvale, California (maps provided after we have received your $25.00 deposit and have at least 6 students with partners signed up.)

Q: What are the hours of the classes? Days the Classes are held?

A: Classes run generally between 10am-6pm
Most are held on Sundays ...a few Saturdays when folks schedules are a major conflict. (Bring along your calendars so we can set the schedule for the 10 classes.
We try to pick Sundays (sat if needed) for the classes...if there is a festival and 8 out of the 10 students won't be in class=no class.
I try to make sure all students get to attend at least 8 out of the 10 classes.  We also need to get the class finished in a timely manner, also all dancing is done outdoors.) Mornings generally are lectures/teaching...then a potluck lunch then practice calling and resolving and assignments...dancers and partners are a must.  Dancers/partners don't need to attend the morning sessions.

Q: Do I need a partner for this school?

A: Yes you will need a partner for the dance portion of the school.  Partners are welcome to come for the whole school if they desire.  You can also ask friends you know that dance plus to come out and dance.  Extra dancers are always welcome in this summer heat, remember we will be dancing outside on a slightly uneven carpeted area.

Q: What are we going to do about lunch?

A: Lunch for the first class will be provided...after that it will be weekly potlucks.

Q: What level will the calling be for the class?

A: PLUS (Unless ALL students and their dancing partners dance higher levels)

Q: Do you have a syllabus that we can see?

A: We follow Callerlab guidelines.  The experience of callers determine what types of information they get and what types of assignments they get and what type of calling practice assignments they get and what type of homework they Callerlab requires us to give out certain information to our students.
Example: In the afternoon a student gets on the mic to do their calling caller will be doing one exercise and another possibly a different exercise...that will depend on their calling skills...just because someone has been calling1 yr. or 4 years may not mean their skills are different...or it could mean their skills are far different...anyway unless the entire class has the same skills...each get different assignments and homework and learn different things. 
Tentative Outline: Mechanics of Choreography, Different methods of moving the dancers,  Choreography as you call, Sight Get Outs, Programming, Smooth Dancing/Body Flow, Methods of Choreographic Management, Timing, Voice Delivery, Leadership, & Self Improvement, Teaching, Rounds, Contras, and Mixers, Sound Equipment, Showmanship, Music, Singing Call Techniques, How to teach a call, Business Side of Calling, Ethics, History, Heritage and Tradition, One Night Stands, Promotion/Communications, Role of the M.C.

Q: Will I be learning how to sight call?

A: "Sight Calling" is badly named: You can't watch the floor do the call then decide what calls to call next; you'd get stop-and-go dancing.  What you can learn is "Choreography as you call."  You have a hard job ahead of you.  You need to keep everyone moving, have good body flow, good timing, you MUST KNOW starting and ending formations and hand availability and body movement/direction, you must be able to control the difficulty and variety of the calls.  Oh Yeah and make it FUN!  In addition you need to learn "Sight get outs."  Which has you look at key squares,  key dancers and decide what series of calls you need to use to get everyone to their corner for Left Allemande or a return to home finish.

Q: Do I need to attend every class?

A: You really need to attend each they build upon each other...and missing pieces will make learning difficult...they are not independent stand alone classes.  Callerlab requires 8 classes, we run 10 classes.

Q: I have a hard time remembering things, will you have everything printed up for us?

A: No.  This is a school.  Think back to your school days.  You may bring a tape recorder along if you wish.  Notebooks will be provided.

Q: How much singing do we have to do?

A: Singing is a very small part of our Caller's School.  You will have time to practice your singing call and group singing call for the Graduation dance.  But most of the mic time will be for patter calling.

Q: What equipment do I need to bring along?

A: If you have a favorite patter record or mic bring it...otherwise we will have music, etc. available.  Be prepared to buy TWO singing calls one you want to do and the Record Mountain Music by Rhythm Records for the group song.  This is for the graduation dance.

Q: Graduation dance? What's That?

A: Its a Hoe-down. A night were you all showcase your talents and invite the general dancing public to attend.  It is a PLUS level dance.

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