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In Memory of John D. Sybalsky 1953-2009.  The evening of May 25th John suffered a heart attack, the medics and hospital were unable to revive him.  With a sad and heavy heart I must convey to everyone that he has passed away.  

I request donations be made to the John Sybalsky Memorial Fund.  The Callerlab Foundation 200 SW 30th Street, Suite 104, Topeka, KS 66611.  785-783-3665.  IMPORTANT--Please note on your check that your donation is for the John Sybalsky Memorial Fund.


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Article reprinted from "The Prompter, 
San  Jose, CA"  October 1998

John and Jill Sybalsky

John was born and raised in New York. In 1973 John began calling. Today John calls through C4 and is on permanent staff of the American Advanced and Challenge Convention.  John is a member of the Board of Governors for Callerlab. John currently calls for Stanford Quads a plus group, Interlock Squares a C1 group, and Top Cats a C3A group.  

John will once again be featured as a "Top Ten" caller at the SCVSDA Jubilee.  For many years John and Bill Davis co-authored "The Big Five" a square dance dictionary of definitions. John is a graduate of MIT, and he owns a software development company, and in his spare time he does computer consulting.

Jill was born and raised in California,   Jill graduated from Silver Buckles pre-teen club  (the clubs first beginners class) in 1969 and began calling "officially" in 1977 (she called her first tip when she was 6 years old).  Jill runs a yearly Callers School teaching new Callers all the aspects of calling.

Jill calls through C3A and is a member of Callerlab.  Jill currently calls for Carnival Twirlers a C1 group and Silver Buckles a plus youth group.  Jill came up with an idea to shift the pitch of music to the key of the callers, currently Hilton Audio markets this device. Jill is the Vice President of Johns software company and in her spare time she is a computer consultant. John and Jill met in 1982, John had recently moved to California.  On and off over the years they did hoe-downs together.  John and Jill both are members of Callerlabs Advanced and Challenge committees.  In 1996 they started a note service for Callers "Top to bottom".  John and Jill are currently the New Caller Chairpersons for the Santa Clara Valley Callers Association.  On December 21, 1996 John asked Jill to become his wife, she accepted. As they say the rest is history! John and Jill enjoy traveling around to the many festivals, calling and dancing and enjoying the activity that brought them together. What's on the future horizon?
John and Jill are hoping to start a family (god willing), as family is very important to them.   They plan to continue traveling and calling and hope to better the activity and recruit more dancers.  They plan to stay in the bay area and hope one day to retire to Martha's Vineyard a place that has been a favorite of John's for many years.

Interested in having John and/or Jill Call for you?


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